Marketing Coordinator In The Field – Goose Control

Jan 6, 2014

This week I was fortunate enough to do a technician ride along with one of our wildlife technicians ‘Wild K’

Our first stop of the day was goose control at a local sports field. When ‘Wild K’ asked if I wanted to set off the ‘bird banger’ I was ecstatic! Early this year, I’d been onsite to see Joy set off the bird banner and had a slight case of childlike jealously.

He showed me how to set off the ‘bird banger’ and I went to it. The bang (somewhat like a diluted gunshot) is used to startle the birds into flight without harming them. And boy did it work! There was only on bird left on the field after letting off the ‘bird banger’. A goose ‘Wild K” has nicked named ‘Limpy’ because he only has one leg. ‘Wild K’ shared that never flies away after the ‘bird banger’ is let off and always has to be chased off the field. After a literal wild goose chase, ‘Wild K’ and I continued on our day.

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