Site Cleanup and Bird Dropping Removal/Decontamination

When it comes to excluding birds, the aesthetics of your facility is very important. Unfortunately, by the way many birds perch or build their nests, building exteriors experience significant contamination. Though difficult to deal with, it is important for businesses to display the proper image so your brand isn’t damaged. It’s also important to keep bird droppings away from entrances and the vehicles of employees and clients alike.

Leaving bird droppings on paint or concrete can cause significant damage as they are acidic and will cause permanent damage. In addition to the droppings, swallows create nests that are almost as hard as concrete and adhere to the side of a building. It can be difficult to remove safely and effectively. Having your staff clean the affected areas daily can be costly, especially if the birds haven’t been removed first.

Greenshield is committed to completing the job. We have the proper technology and equipment to quickly deal with both the droppings and the swallows’ nests. We can achieve your goals before there is lasting damage.

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