Drain Flies

The drain fly may also be referred to as a filter fly, sewer fly, or drain moth. They are tiny light brownish/grey winged insects that are typically 3 to 5 mm in length. Drain flies have hairy, dark wingsresembling those of a moth.

Habits & Behaviours 

Drain flies are another common invasive nuisance fly species that multiply rapidly and invade residential, recreational/cottage, and commercial properties where there are washrooms, kitchens, drains, or decaying organic matter. They can be found year round if conditions are favourable. Drain flies are most active in the evening when they congregate around sinks and sewage contaminated drains in kitchens and bathrooms where they typically live and breed.

Complaints & Destruction

Drain flies infestations can occur very quickly, seemingly out of nowhere and in large numbers. Moist organic materials such as the slime that accumulates in drains, sewage disposal beds, rain barrels, compost bins, and garbage cans are the preferred living and breeding grounds of drain flies.

Major Risks & Dangers

Health risks

Drain flies don’t generall bite and are harmless to humans. However, they do frequent extremely unsanitary areas and there is evidence that drain flies can carry pathogenic bacteria as a result.

Business risks

Drain flies hovering around businesses and around drains may compromise your clients’ health and seriously tarnish a business’ reputation.

Reproduction & Lifestyle

Both mated and non-mated females lay eggs. Female drain flies deposit their eggs into decomposing organic materials found in drains. Egg masses contain 30 to 100 eggs, which hatch in less than 48 hours. Drain flies can grow from egg to adult in as little as seven days.

Eating Habits

Drain flies feed on decaying animals, moist organic materials such as decaying vegetation, and plants.

Treatment & Prevention

To eliminate and reduce the risk of drain flies invading your residential, recreational/cottage, or commercial properties, treatment and exclusion is the best prevention.

Greenshield Pest Control Inc. can provide you with many treatment, exclusion, and prevention solutions.

If you are experiencing a drain fly infestation within your residential, recreational/cottage, or commercial properties, it is best to let the professionals do the job of safely excluding the insects. Please contact us today or see our Pest Control Services section for further information on the types of services and insect pest solutions we can provide

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