Fruit Flies


Fruit flies are tiny winged insects that are typically 3 mm in length. They are light brown/yellow with stripes on their bodies and relatively large red eyes.

Habits & Behaviours

Fruit flies may be small, but the large number of insects that congregate and invade residential, cottage/residential, and commercial properties can be extremely annoying. Fruit flies can be found, in homes, food processing plants, warehouses, grocery stores, wineries, restaurants/bars, hotels/motels, and banquet facilities, etc. Infestations can occur anytime during the spring, summer and fall months, however, the end of the summer season is when they are most prevalent. Fruit flies feed on alcohol, which is produced when fruits and vegetables begin to ferment. The alcohol in wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages is also appealing to fruit flies.

Complaints & Destruction

Fruit flies not only feed on fruits, vegetables, and other foods, they also lay eggs in them and live in/around them. Fruit fly infestations can occur very quickly, seemingly out of nowhere. They are typically found hovering in and around garbage cans, recycle bins, decaying vegetation, overripe fruit, and other fermenting materials, such as leftover alcohol or beer, soft drinks, and juices. Infestations can also occur in the drains of sinks, bathtubs, and floors, at windows, and in any other wet/damp areas.

Major Risks & Dangers

Health risks

Fruit flies don’t generally bite and are harmless to humans. However, they do frequent unsanitary areas and there is evidence that they can carry pathogenic bacteria as a result.

Business risks

Fruit flies hovering around businesses, in and on food, and floating in bottles of liquid may compromise your clients’ health and seriously tarnish a business’ reputation.

Reproduction & Lifecycle

Male fruit flies will mate with several females while females will only mate once in a lifetime. Each female will lay between 400 and 900 eggs during her lifetime in batches of 15 – 25 at a time. Female fruit flies deposit their eggs into decaying fruit, vegetables, and other foods. Fruit flies can grow from egg to adult in as little as seven days.

Eating Habits

Fruit flies are herbivores eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and fermenting liquids.

Treatment & Prevention

To eliminate and reduce the risk of fruit flies invading your residential, recreational/cottage, or commercial properties, treatment and exclusion is the best prevention.

Greenshield Pest Control Inc. can provide you with many treatment, exclusion, and prevention solutions.


If you are experiencing a fruit fly infestation within your residential, recreational/cottage, or commercial properties, it is best to let the professionals do the job of safely excluding the insects. Please contact us today or see our Pest Control Services section for further information on the types of services and insect pest solutions we can provide.

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