I had another opportunity to spend a day with one of Greenshield’s technicians. This time I spent my day with Frank who specializes in insects and managing long term accounts. Luckily for me the day we spent together consisted of both types of calls. This is extremely common in the summer months and much rarer in the winter months.

Our first call, at 7:30am I might add, was a carpenter ant nest. The customer had notices a few ants over the past while but hadn’t realized how large the problem was. That was of course until they started renovations and tore open a wall. This was the wall that happened to house the carpenter ant nest. And boy was it large! Just standing beside the wall you could hear ants chewing.

And so without any doubt on the nest site location we started the treatment process. Frank pumped in a chemical dust while I waited anxiously to see what would happen. I had been told to curb my expectations and that the videos I’d seen, like this Treatment, are rare and it’s not likely I’d see a lot of ants running from the nest site. But then I saw it, the first ant starting flea the nest. He was covered in the white powder and wasn’t walking quite straight. After him followed others! Many others, until the floor was coated in a layer of ants.

Frank and I started to clean up so we had a clean view to access whether or not the treatment was done. We thought it likely was with the number of ants on the floor. We vacuumed up all the ants and then took a pause… could it be? More chewing? We took a peek into the nest site and noticed those tricky little ants had a colony on both sides of the vapour barrier. Back to treatment it was! We cut a tiny hole in the barrier and went at part 2 of the nest. After another thorough vacuum and the disposal of about 2 cups of sugar the ants had stored for winter, we went on with our day.

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