Before spending my day with ‘Wild K’ I’d never really thought about how hard rodent control could really be. Did you know a mouse can fit through a hole only 3/8 of an inch big. That’s tiny! Now imagine trying to locate all the holes 3/8 of an inch or large on the exterior of someone’s home. Not the easiest feat! But that was the task at hand.

We started with a walk around the exterior. Here we identified any possible entry points, from weeping vents to cracks in the foundation. Seems easier enough, but you have to factor in all the bushes or shrubs around the foundation, porches and you can’t forget decorative pieces. Getting a little trickier to see all areas, and resulting in ‘Wild K’ crawling on the ground at some points.

Once we completed our inspection it was time to start sealing these holes to prevent mice from re-entering the home. ‘Wild K’ had to use some building knowledge here to make sure we didn’t do anything that would structurally alter the home. For example, weeping vents, these need to be sealed against mice but also allow air movement so that house can breathe.

After all the proofing was completed we set traps inside and continued on our day.

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