When a Home, Business, or Rental Property owner realizes they have a problem with wildlife, the first thought is who can I look to for help? Some of the possibilities include a Carpenter, a friend to assist with Do-It-Yourself solutions, or a Wildlife Control professional. While the Carpenter may be a great choice for the repair of damage caused by wildlife, they may not have the experience in dealing with a Raccoon or Squirrel that has made your property their home. Of course, the Do-it-Yourself methods will save money, however, they usually lead to further damage, costs, and harm to the Wildlife. The Wildlife Control professionals are a good choice for removal and long term solutions that are affordable and humane.

While the Pest Control Industry contains regulated aspects such as licensing and product use through the Ministry of Environment and Health Canada, the Wildlife Control Industry has much less regulated practices. There are companies in this industry that unfortunately display unprofessional practices such as inhumane treatment of wildlife which includes trapping and relocation, use of poisons, or harmful deterrents. We have seen countless of examples of this. The other areas that we see companies that struggle with Wildlife control is in the proper identification, planning for wildlife removal, and longer term prevention.

Wildlife control requires a level of knowledge consistent with an expert in the field of Biology and the experience and training from an accredited training organization. Understanding wildlife and their behavior is an absolute must when safely and effectively managing their control.

When hiring a Wildlife company look for the following as a minimum for attributes and qualifications to ensure you get the professional help you need for dealing with wildlife in your property:
• Compliance with the Canadian Wildlife Service and Ministry of Natural Resources
• Local Established company with references in the field
• Workplace Safety Insurance Board ( WSIB) and Liability Insured
• A member of a recognized association or designation
• Highly qualified Wildlife Technicians with Knowledge, Training and experience in the field.
• Processes and procedures for effectively dealing with wildlife with the highest level of safety for themselves, you the client and the animal to control.
• Fully committed to Customer satisfaction and stands behind their service with warranties
• Provides service at the convenience of the customer and on a 24/7 Emergency service
• Provides full services including Assessment, Removal, and long term proofing

Greenshield Pest Control has an experienced team of Wildlife Technicians with backgrounds and education ranging from Fisheries and Wildlife Science degrees to Biology. Our Wildlife teams understand wildlife behaviors and can develop plans to safely remove wildlife from your property. Our Technicians are fully committed to providing a high level of customer satisfaction while meeting all applicable Wildlife legislation and doing so with humane wildlife removal techniques. Greenshield is recognized as a Wildlife Agent by the Ministry of Natural Resources and holds numerous other designations. We provide 1-10 year warranties with all of our services and are there 24/7 every day of the year for emergencies. Our goal is to keep wildlife safe while keeping you comfortable.

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