Many years ago there was no other description for those who bravely battled the pest rodents and insects of the world other than exterminator. The Webster’s definition of the word exterminator was actually “to destroy or kill completely” which today sounds shocking or cruel. This is likely why the term exterminator has been pushed aside making way for “Pest Control” which better suits the description of services provided today.

The term exterminator is generally related to a single focus of destroying through the use of pesticides. A transition to Pest Control is an improvement in the management of pests through the safer use of products and processes. In the last ten years this transition has resulted in constant review of the industry with continuous improvement in all areas of Pest Management. The result is a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that aims to satisfy any pest control needs by utilizing all available methods to prevent infestations. Integrated practices use monitoring and non-toxic preventative measures to proactively manage and minimize pest issues prior to them reaching destructive levels. If pest infestations are present and reveal a need for pest control, all appropriate control options will be evaluated. The control method that is least toxic but likely to be effective will be used.

While exterminator or extermination is still widely used in the pest management industry, it does not accurately represent those who provide safe and effective services in the field. Greenshield Pest Control has incorporated IPM principles in all of its services while holding recognized certifications in IPM. While Greenshield Pest Control does “exterminate” pests it does so while practicing IPM principals.

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