When we heard noises from inside our roof and saw red squirrels around our chimney, we called Greenshield for help and got an immediate response.  Jason came out to investigate our problem, undertook a thorough exterior review and determined that the red squirrels were gaining entry into our roofline from a tiny gap where our new chimney was installed.

Jason was very well informed about red squirrel behaviour patterns and he devised a humane one-way trap door system to block any further access to that entry point and to only let squirrels out.

Over the next few days, Jason texted, called, and made a return trip to check on the situation and found an area where the squirrels tried to re-enter the house and corrected that situation.  He then came back several days later to put a permanent solution in place at the base of the chimney.  Everything has been quiet since and we are very grateful for the professionalism, knowledge and follow-up that Greenshield was able to offer us.

Jason was excellent as a resource and he explained everything to us as he was handling the situation.  We were very impressed with the option of communicating with him by text with both questions and updates.  We really felt included in the process of dealing with the squirrels.  We would definitely recommend the services of Greenshield to others dealing with a wildlife challenge!

Rick and Kathy Robb – Harrowsmith

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