Do You Have  Mouse in Your House?

  • Sounds: One of the first signs that you notice you may be experience a rodent issue, is a scratching sound or a pitter patter in the walls or ceilings at night.
  • Droppings & urine: Mice are always urinating and defecating continuously throughout the day leaving behind droppings everywhere they travel in your home. House mice product an astounding 50 – 75 droppings per day. If you are a homeowner suffering from a mouse infestation you will find mice feces in cupboards, under appliances and everywhere else that mice have traveled in your home.
  • Food Debris: Mice Chew their way into their food, most home owners will often find holes in the bottom of dog food bags, bird seed, and even in your cereal boxes in the pantry. At times, the chew pattern will show obvious teeth marks. You may even start to find hiding places of food examples: In boots / under sheets / in dresser drawers.
  • Nesting Or Entrance Debris: Mice love finding a cozy spot to sleep and give birth to their young. If you find areas with missing insulation or other debris kicked out conspicuously, take a close look. It could be a sign that a mouse is getting ready to give birth and creating a home !
  • Traffic Patterns: Mice will have a very specific traffic pattern. At night they will try to hug a wall for more protection. You may be able to see dirt on the walls under and around joists.


Now how do you get rid of the mice?

Rodent management can be tricky at times; the technicians at Greenshield Pest Control are very professional and also run into these problems frequently, so they are always well prepared to know proper rodent management methods to get rid of your infestations more effectively.

If you’re having problems with rodents in your home or commercial property we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how our pest control services can help you be PEST FREE!

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