You’ve won.

It’s a great feeling to know you’ve won against the army of squirrels that was invading your home. (Check out our post on removing squirrels) Last night you even had a full night’s sleep. How was it? Calm? Relaxing?

Before you let the celebration go on too long though, there is one thing you need to ready for; the regroup.

As far as the squirrels are concerned, you’ve just freshened up their beds. Yes, you’ve likely relocated the worst offenders, but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t want to stay at your hotel. Wouldn’t you? It’s warm, dry, and has fresh bedding, not to mention the ample food stores just lying around.

Before you start the celebration, take the time to check out your back yard. Remove bird feeders. It’s sad to see them go and if you just can’t, place them far enough away from the house that they don’t become an invitation. Once that’s done, seal up the house. Not just a little bit, but like Fort Knox. Make sure your squirrel hotel is permanently closed. Seal every hole in the:

window sills
Want a tip? Have someone help you with a flashlight. If you can see light through a hole, then a squirrel will find a way to make it big enough to fit through.

You’ve done a great job getting rid of the squirrels, but remember that these little pests are tenacious. They want in and have more time on their hands than you do. If you want to sleep at night, give Greenshield a call. We’ve got tried and tested methods of keeping out pests so your house doesn’t look like the picture above.


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