Rats are wily. Blink and you could be overrun. You have to be vigilant to ensure they don’t turn your home into a rat hotel. In fact, a rat can chew through pretty much anything, which has its own risks. Because a rat’s teeth continue to grow throughout its life, they chew on everything to keep them in check. Unfortunately, this means your favourite television program can by interrupted not only by the scratching of their feet along the wall, but a complete black out as they sever the cable line or worse, your power. You can search for hours for the problem, assuming it hasn’t burnt the house down. So, do you know rat

5 things you didn’t know about rats.

Rats live it up – Rats only live at most to a few years old and usually only to a year old. Unfortunately, you pay the price for their partying lifestyle.

Rats feel the love – Rats mate quickly and often. If you don’t move fast, they can have as many as 2000 babies in a year. And those babies are sexually mature at 4 months.

Size Doesn’t Matter- Rats are small when they need to be. A rat can sneak through a hole the size of a quarter. You may have to double check the windows again to make sure they aren’t sliding in by the side door.

Smarter than the average bear – Even if you were inclined to use more serious methods of removal, a rat can smell your poison from a mile away.

Is that a Sand Castle – Rats burrow. A lot. That means they drag a lot of dirt out from the ground. In fact, they continue to as they drag bedding in. Eventually the ceiling falls in on them. Unfortunately, that ceiling is also the floor of your garage or shed.

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