There’s no doubt that there is a stigma attached to bedbugs. No one wants to admit they’ve had problems with them. In fact, there was a time when we thought bed bugs were all but eradicated in metropolitan areas in North America.

The tiny blood-sucking scourge have enjoyed a resurgence, however and that stigma is actually leading to their spread as people, afraid to admit they have an infestation, try to deal with the problem themselves, failing miserable in the process.

What is it that is allowing them to enjoy their renaissance?

5 reasons why bedbugs aren’t your fault

1. They can live 3 months without blood meal and longer still in the cold

2. They can survive extreme temperatures (-15c to 45c)

3. Can live anywhere in your home, office, or hotel

4. They typically hide during the day so you don’t even notice you have an infestation

5. They are mobile, hitching a ride in suitcases and backpacks

As they world becomes more global, so too do bedbugs. They have been reintroduced to many places we thought them evicted from. So, rest assured in one thing; it wasn’t your fault. As soon as you realize this hard truth, give us a call and we can establish a proper eradication process to make your home bedbug free.

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