Though they look aggressive, the products we install to keep pigeons away from your office are fairly simple. In essence, they are designed to be a nuisance so your resident pigeon population go find a more inviting place to land. In fact, we will often remove the flight of pigeons before we install these elements. That way there are fewer pigeons to deal with when we are hanging off rafters.

  1. Stealthnet: This is an exclusion netting is designed to keep the building protected from many varieties of birds.
  2. BirdSlide: The name implies it all. Once established, it’s impossible for your birds to land without sliding off the roof.
  3. Bird-Flite: The industry standard, these spikes look worse than they are. Birds can see the spikes and quickly choose to find another landing zone.

Removing a pigeon from your property is the first step of a much-longer process. Give us a call today if you’re experiencing a pigeon overrun and need us to help you through it.

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