With what seems to be the last snowfall, we’re hearing more birdsong. In fact, all across the globe we are seeing the return to the swallow, an omen that is found in much folklore. There have been songs written in places like Russia to celebrate the return of the swallow.

Unfortunately these colourful songbirds have a messy habit of building their muddy nests in places we don’t appreciate. This is not only a nuisance, but becomes laborious as the birds defecate on your house or storefront. The mess takes time and effort to clean up and adds the risk of some serious diseases and then of course the birds leave insects in vacant nests when they move on. In the end, the homeowner is left with a large undertaking to clean up.

What do you do then?

The most effective way to keep your home free of the droppings is to make it uncomfortable for the birds in the first place.

  1. Netting: a temporary solution you use when the birds are first looking to establish their nests.
  2. Sloping: a more permanent solution of placing a slippery sloped product on all ledges so birds can’t land. If they can’t land then they can’t establish their nests.

Every building is different and requires a different solution. If you want to discuss your options for bird deterrents before they establish their muddy nests, give us a call.

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