It always starts with the scratching. No one really knows why, but it does. Soon the homeowner’s family is either too frightened or angry to think about anything other than getting rid of the invaders.

BUT hold on for a minute. Before we get too hung up on eradication, let’s think about it from another perspective.

It’s hard to picture it, but imagine you and you’re family have been living without a home for months until you find the perfect place; warmth, free food, and a place to have your babies. Who wouldn’t want that?

Unfortunately, this is how it seems for the wildlife that breaks into your attic. We don’t see it that way, but they invade looking for food and shelter. When they get there however, something isn’t right. Food isn’t as free as they thought, they have to climb up and down into an attic that is constantly being closed off to them, and the noise coming from the floors below is deafening.

Your home isn’t perfect, but it fits the bill.

When you make the call to your wildlife control company, don’t think about it as you getting rid of a pest, but saving them. We have two goals when we visit your home. The first is to reunite the wildlife with the great outdoors and the second is to return your home to its former glory.

We celebrate the baby raccoons and squirrels we reunite with their mothers and pride ourselves on saving the wildlife that we find.

Call us any time you find wildlife in your home. We’re happy to help.

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