The 5 Worst Problems Caused By An Ant Invasion

Apr 24, 2017

It doesn’t take long for the colony of ants to trace the invisible trail left by the scouts to the heart of your home or business. When they eventually set up shop, the colony may only be a small nuisance, but they can also cause some major issues.

Some of the problems caused by ants include:

  1. Disease transmission, especially in facilities such as hospitals
  2. Inflamed skin and cramps or headaches due to ant venom (bites)
  3. Lawns and gardens damaged from nests
  4. Electrical cables damaged by chewing ants
  5. Structural damage caused by chewing ants.

When you find an ant in your house, there is a high chance of it only being a scout, but because of their hive mind and their ability to communicate through pheromones, it won’t be long until the rest of the colony arrives. Be swift and decisive when you see an ant.

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