There was a time when fear was enough to keep wildlife at bay. In more recent years however, they are starting to encroach our cities, partially because of climate change or urban sprawl, but mainly because of scarcity of food, or rather ease of food. Raccoons are a perfect example of wildlife species that have adapted to eating at the steel bin dinner plates. The more we throw in the trash, the more wildlife animals have to sort through to eat. In fact, this ample source of sustenance, will unappealing to the city dwelling humans is a succulent meal for a raccoon and her babies. That’s why it’s so important to batten down the hatches at night so you don’t have those critters migrating from the trees, to your attic. The three best practices to keep them at bay are:

  1. Keep pet food in a secure receptacle that raccoons can’t smell from a distance.
  2. Clean up the BBQ and dinner party.
  3. Keep garbage cans closed and inside until morning.

Raccoons have a very strong sense of smell and their front paws are more like hands. What you can open, so too can they. Remember, Raccoons are smart. They best way to keep them at bay is to outsmart them.

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