Most people see the spider as the ominous predator, laying in wait for any unsuspecting insect or human to enter the web. That isn’t always the case however. Though the spider is a powerful predator, it can actually become the prey.

3 Things That Hunt A Spider

  1. Birds – Birds will swoop to grab the spiders while they walk along the web. There are times when the birds are careful not to get tangled up in the web, but on others, they will take the entire web and use it to line their nests.
  2. Wasps – Wasps land on the web and imitate the struggle of an insect caught in the sticky mass. When the spider approaches however, the wasp comes to life and whisks the spider away to be devoured by the young in the hive.
  3. Insectivores like bats – Bats are quickly to grab the spider and by that time it is too late for our predator turned prey.

Spiders are tricky, creating elaborate traps for their prey, but sometimes that will backfire on the 8 legged creatures. In an instant, the spider will become the prey and nothing can stop their predators from eating their lunch.

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