3 Interesting Facts About Spider Webs

Jun 12, 2017

We’ve previously spoken about spiders, and their web material in general, but it warrants another look at the silky product. Spiderwebs are designed for various reasons, some harmless, others not so much. Many spiders have different uses for their mighty silk.

3 Facts About Spider Webs That Humans Can Take Advantage Of

  1. Spiders can make their web in different shapes – While some opt for a single strand to lure their prey, other spiders have created ornate webs. Orb spiders have a complex dance as they send silk across the divide on the wind. Slowly the spider erects the web as its needed.
  2. As we’ve previously said, spiders can sometimes become the prey. For some spiders, the best way to deal with this danger is to create a decoy. Then the birds and wasps take off with the wrong creature in hand.
  3. Humans still can’t replicate the spider web. While you may wonder why we would need to create a web, the real reasons is for silk itself. The applications for high tensile steel or other products that mimic the spider web which is both strong and flexible are endless.

When it comes to spiders, there are many things that most people don’t know. What most people see are the abandoned cobwebs, not the economic advantages that the spider offers.

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