The Most Important Reason Why Bats Hibernate In Your Home

Sep 2, 2017

The Most Important Reason Why Bats Hibernate In Your Home

It only takes one, but the thought of a bat flying around inside your home during the fall, winter, or spring makes you concerned. Their presence makes you ask:

Do bats hibernate in your home during the winter?

The answer is a resounding yes.

As mid-autumn arrives and insects become more scarce, bats find it difficult to fill their active metabolism so they search for places to hibernate. The efficiencies that we demand for our homes in the winter have made it more inviting to creatures like bats. Rather than spend their time in caves, bat colonies have adapted to sometimes find their way into your attic, crawling into an insulated location in your home. They stop when they hit the perfect depth where it’s not so warm to keep them awake, nor too cold so they freeze.

Occasionally, a bat will adjust to keep within the optimum temperature. Bats sometimes get disorientated while crawling through voids or walls in your home and occasionally find their way into the living space of your home becoming trapped.

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