No one wants to make the call, but between the scratching in the ceiling and other areas of your home, you know there’s an unwelcome wildlife creature within.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a raccoon or a squirrel, you ask yourself two important questions:

How did they get in?

How do you get them out?

The fortunate thing for you, is that when you answer the first, it will become easier to affect the second. So where do they come from?

1. Roof – Soffit intersections

Whenever two roof sections meet, the soffit offers wildlife, like raccoons with their strong human-like hands, entrance.

2. Vents

Vents, whether on the gable, fascia, or roof and a warm invitation when wildlife like raccoons and squirrels are looking for winter lodgings.

3. Roof edge

In truth, it isn’t just the edges, but anywhere where there is soft material caused by moisture damage. Both raccoons and squirrels will tear through the wood to gain access to the warmth of your attic.

4. Chimneys

Both squirrels and raccoons will use an uncapped chimney to live in. A chimney is a suitable location for wildlife to be out of the elements of winter

5. Plumbing mats

Like vents, there is warmth around the plumbing vents. Sharp claws will tear through the rubber or plastic mats allowing entrance to wildlife.

Knowing how wildlife enters your home is the first step to keeping them out.

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