By the time you notice a cluster-fly infestation, it’s likely already fall and there is no stopping the flies from invading your home. You find them buzzing around windows or the bathroom lights on warm days in the winter as they mistake the temperature fluctuation for the arrival of spring.

If the infestation is significant enough, you will want to address this nuisance pest quickly and then establish a plan to keep them from you home in the future.

The following is a step by step guide:

  • Step one: Locate the source.
  • Step two: Seal any openings in baseboards, windows, etc.
  • Step three: Vacuum the flies that do congregate.
  • Step four: Call a professional to effectively treat the affected area to reduce future infestations.

Though just a nuisance, cluster flies will typically wake a few at a time until you are overrun. Taken these steps to control the invasion.

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