How To Protect Your Home

Having wildlife in your home is not fun. Not only can it be disruptive, but they can damage your home and leave a mess. No one wants to tussle with wildlife, whether it’s a squirrel or even a raccoon, but when they enter your home, it can be difficult to disinvite them.

The best thing you can do so you don’t have to deal with wildlife in your home is to keep them out entirely.

The top 6 prevention tips are:

  1. Trim trees close to your home.
  2. Use squirrel proof feeders and move bird feeders farther away from the house.
  3. Clean up and replace any missing trim, broken siding, and vents.
  4. Don’t feed the raccoons.
  5. Put lids on garbage cans.

Preventing wildlife from entering your home is the best defence against their destruction. These are the best and most cost effective steps you can take.

Bonus 6: Once you have completed these steps, you may need a technician like those at Greenshield Pest Control to perform preventative proofing and exclusion to prevent wildlife from entering.

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