Protect Your Home From Mice

Mice reproduce quickly. In fact, with as many as ten litters a year, a mouse can have up to 140 pups a year. If a mouse enters your home, they can quickly overwhelm. Within days, they will enter into your home and establish a nest, chewing through walls and even electrical wires.

There are steps you can take to make sure they look elsewhere for their new homes. The top five steps are:

  1. Secure your food in sealed containers.
  2. Remove tempting items such as bird seed from the garage.
  3. Pick up trash from exterior of house.
  4. Remove boxes and other habitats that mice live in from basement and other areas.
  5. Keep grass and weeds trimmed around the exterior of the home.

The best way to remove a mouse from your home is to never let it enter.  Keep any potential nesting areas clean so they don’t feel compelled to turn your home into theirs.


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