Clean Out You Attic

By the time you notice that squirrels and raccoons have entered your home and established their nests, the damage has been done. In fact, there are likely several new holes in your roof or soffits and your insulation isn’t working like it should be.

The best way to remove a raccoon or squirrel however is to first understand why they have invaded your home. Wildlife like raccoons are looking for places that are dark, quiet, and safe. The best way to get them to leave your home is to remove these elements.

Step 1. Complete proofing/exclusion of entry points

Step 2. Turn on the lights.

Step 3. Make it loud – Use a radio station with voice as music alone isn’t as effective.

Step 4. Make it uncomfortable to the animals. If you are living in the attic and there is movement, wildlife they won’t want to be there. There are two ways. The first is to clean up so their scent is gone. The second is to leave smells that are distinctly not theirs. This method is only effective in combination with other elements.

Step 5. Determine if there are babies. If there are babies in your home you will definitely need a professional. A company such as Greenshield Pest Control can establish a protocol to safely remove the babies which will draw the mother outside.

Many of these steps are the same taken by professionals. While we have technology at our disposal to help us take care of you, it’s good for you to be prepared.


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