What are those scary haunting noises in my Attic?

Oct 28, 2017

What Goes Bump In the Night

Hallowe’en may just be around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept your house as being haunted when you hear something in the attic. There is a natural reason for it of course; wildlife. As the temperature drops and snow threatens to fall around us, creatures great and small look for places to spend the winter.

Unfortunately for you, your attic has become a prime location; not too hot, not too cold. But can you tell what’s up there just by the sounds you hear?

  1. Raccoons – Thumping from movement, scratching from cleaning, voices as they natter.
  1. Squirrels – rolling sounds as they move nuts, scratching as they clear a space or scurry away.
  2. Bats – Fluttering and high pitched chirping later in the year as they wake from their slumber.
  3. 4.Rats/mice Scratching – crawling along the walls and floor, chewing as they make a nest.
  4. Pigeons and other birds – fluttering mainly in the day.

Noticing the time of day and season will help you determine which wildlife creatures you have in your attic. Some animals, like raccoons, are nocturnal, while others, like birds are not. Knowing this information will help you pinpoint where they are nesting and help when you’re trying to explain to your Greenshield wildlife technician.


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