Damage to the soffit corner of a home caused by a raccoon, in order to gain access to the attic.


Raccoon Control – Brighton 

One of our customers had the unlucky experience of having a raccoon living in their home. They had completed their own inspection by installing a surveillance camera in the attic. It was discovered that the raccoon had broken through the soffit corner to gain entry into the attic. Our trained technician installed a one way door in the soffit corner. The opposite soffit corner was also proofed, and roof vent covers were installed in order to prevent future re-entry into the attic. In the end, the homeowner was very happy to be rid of the raccoon, but missing the nightly entertainment.


Why Raccoons Enter Attics and the Damages They Create

Throughout the year it is common for raccoons to make their way into attics or crawlspaces. Raccoons look for warmth and protection, especially during the colder winter months. During this time, they are also in their mating season, so they are looking for a safe place to give birth to babies. They will use various ways to access your attic, causing damage in the process. Once inside your attic, they can also cause damage to insulation and electrical wires, which can be costly to repair. They will contaminate the area, as they will urinate and defecate as they please. Worst case scenario, a raccoon might pass away in the attic space, leading to a decomposing carcass, odor problems, and even maggots


Electrical wire damages in an attic caused by a raccoon.

Insulation damages in an homeowner’s attic caused by a raccoon.


Seek Help from the Professionals

If you suspect that you have a raccoon in your attic, we recommend that you seek professional help to remove the animal. Attempting to deal with the problem by yourself can be dangerous to both your health and safety.

Our Pest Control Technician will perform a proper assessment and raccoon removal service. They will assess the property and identify the entry points that the raccoon used to enter the attic. The next step is installing a one way door to allow the raccoon to exit the attic, and preventing re-entry. After, they will perform the necessary prevention steps to ensure that the raccoon does not find another way to enter the attic. This is called an exclusion service, which involves sealing off possible entry points, such as weak areas around soffit, exhaust pipes, or roof venting. We also offer a variety of warrantees  to make sure that your problem does not persist.

Call us for more information about how to deal with raccoons and other wildlife. One of our customer service specialists will be more than happy to help you take the necessary steps to solve your wildlife problem.


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