An entry point for rats into the basement of a homeowner.

Rat Control in Peterborough

One of our customers was hearing noises in the wall, which they thought to be a squirrel. After talking to the homeowner, the Wildlife Technician went down to the basement. He discovered that the source of the noise was not a squirrel, but actually rats. He set traps in the basement and recommended trenching, and installation of screening to prevent rat entry. The customer was not happy to hear that they had rats in their home. However, they were glad to have a solution to the problem.

How do Rats Infest Your Home

Rats are active all year round and can be found throughout Ontario. They prefer to live outside, at or below ground level. Rats with burrow and live in extensive tunnels around your property. They have strong teeth that are capable of chewing through almost anything, including wood, pipes, aluminum, brick, cinderblock and even sometimes concrete. However, sometimes they will create dens in peoples homes. The most common areas where they will dwell in homes are among insulated walls, in basements, and sometimes in attics. They will contaminate the area with fecal matter and urine. They can also cause damage by chewing on wires, and water pipes which leads to water damage.

The most common rat entry points into homes are:

  • Through openings in foundation
  • Under siding
  • Under garage door sweeps
  • Around service lines entering homes

Rat entry point into a basement, around plumbing service lines.

Seeking Professional HelpĀ 

If you have a rat problem that you are not able to control, we recommend that you seek professional help. One of our Wildlife Technicians will do an inspection of your property, looking for signs of infestation. They will determine what rodent it is, and the appropriate method of dealing with it. Greenshield installs what is called a trapping blitz, to eliminate the current rat issue. They will also proof entry areas to prevent any further rat issues. We also offer a variety of warrantees to make sure that the problem does not persist.

Call us for more information about our rat removal services. We will be happy to help you solve you rat problem and ease your worries!


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