One way door installed to allow exit of a squirrel from a homeowner’s chimney.

Squirrel Control in Gananoque

One of our clients was hearing noises in their chimney. They gave us a call and our Wildlife Technician headed over to take a look. He went inside the home, opened up the damper to take a look inside the chimney. Sure enough, he spotted the squirrel inside. He ended up installing a one-way door to let the squirrel come out. After the squirrel left he installed a chimney cap and cleaned up any debris that was left by the squirrel. The treatment went well and the customer was relieved not to hear noises in their chimney anymore.

How Squirrels Invade Your Chimney 

Squirrels are active year round, however during the colder winter months they may go into homes to seek shelter. One of the areas that squirrels can build their nests in are in chimneys. Chimney are almost similar to the structure of a hollow tree, which is a squirrel’s natural nesting place. They can easily climb in and out of the chimney in search of food and nesting materials.

Squirrels love to chew! They might chew through the chimney cap to directly access the chimney. They might also cause damage to other areas on the roof, such as roof shingles, soffit and fascia, and around vents and pipes. The reason why they chew so much is because their teeth never stop growing. Chewing actually helps file their teeth down to keep it just the right size.

Seeking Professional Help

If you suspect that you have a squirrel or some type of wildlife living in your chimney, we recommend that you seek professional help.

One of our Wildlife Technicians will visit your home and complete an inspection. They will determine if there is evidence of squirrels on your roof and in the chimney. They will install a one-way door to allow the squirrel to exit the chimney. They will also install preventative proofing around the chimney to ensure that the squirrel cannot re-enter. We also offer a variety of warrantees to ensure that your problem is completed solved.

Call us for more information about our squirrel removal services and how we can help you solve your squirrel problems!


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