An opening between cement foundation and siding of a home, which allows for entry of mice into the home.

Tips to Keep Your Home Mouse Free

House mice are one of the most common invasive species of wildlife. This is because they are active year round, so they are always a problem. Peoples’ homes make ideal homes for mice. The insulation make it a perfect place for them to make a nest.

To make sure that mouse stay out of your house, it is important to check all of the gaps around the outside of your home where they could get in. Mice can squeeze through a tiny hole the size of a dime. Here are some areas that you should check:

  • Weep vents
  • Places where brick meets the soffit
  • Around plumbing and electrical wires
  • Through cracks in foundation
  • Under the garage door sweep
  • Around windows and doors

If there are any gaps in these places make sure that you seal them up to prevent mice from entering. If there are any damage to these areas make sure that they are repaired.

Mouse traps are commonly used to get rid of mice. You can find them at your local hardware store. Any types of food that are high calorie and sweet work best, for examples peanut butter or cheese. Set up the traps throughout your home such as underneath sinks, along the walls and in corners. Make sure that you check them periodically and dispose of them right away when you catch one.

Eliminating any food sources is the best way to keep mouse away from your house. Make sure that you do not leave food out on the counters. If you are leaving food out, make sure that it is properly sealed in a container or covered. Make sure that your garbage lid has a tight fit, and take out the garbage every few days before it starts to smell. If you have a compost container, rinse it out with soap and water once a week as food residue usually starts to accumulate at the bottom.

Seeking Professional HelpĀ 

If you have tried multiple ways to get rid of mice but they are still entering your home, it may be time to seek professional help

One of our Wildlife Technicians will visit your home and complete an inspection of the areas where the mice may be entering. They will provide mouse treatment which includes traps and bait stations depending on the situation. After, they will seal up any potential areas of entry to ensure that the rodents are unable to re-enter the house. We offer a variety of warrantees to ensure that your problem is completely solved.

Call us today for more information about our mice treatment services, and how we can help you have a mouse free house!


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