Tips to Keep Rodents Away From Your HomeĀ 

Rodents such as mice and rats are active all year round and can be found throughout Ontario. They are common pests that infest residential, commercial, and recreational property.There are a few ways that you can prevent rats from infesting your home. First, look for any areas where rodents can get into your house. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a nickel!

  • You should look for any holes or openings from the outside of your house such as:
    • Weep vents
    • Places where brick meets the soffit
    • Around plumbing and electrical wires
    • Through cracks in foundation
    • Under the garage door sweep
    • Around windows and doors
    • Around service lines entering the house

Rats and mice can enter your home through openings such as weep vents. Make sure to seal them up to prevent entry.

  • You should also look for openings on the inside of your house such as
    • Around bathroom and sink pipes
    • Behind cabinets, refrigerators and stoves
    • Spaces between baseboard and floors
    • Floor drains in the basement
    • Around service lines entering the house
    • Around the fireplace

If there are any gaps or openings in any of these places, make sure to seal them or repair them to prevent rats from entering your home.

Rat traps are a common method of dealing with rat issues. They are very similar to mouse traps, just bigger. You can find them at your local hardware store. Peanut butter works very well as bait on the traps. Set them up in the places where rats are entering, in the basement, behind appliances, and places where you see rat droppings. Make sure to check the traps periodically and to dispose of it right away when you catch one.


Holes around doorframes that allow rats access into homes. Make sure to check these areas and seal them or repair them to prevent rat infestations.

Seeking Professional HelpĀ 

If you have tried the above methods but are still having problems with rats, we recommend that you seek professional help.

One of our Wildlife Technicians will do an inspection of your property, looking for signs of infestation. They will determine what rodent it is, and the appropriate method of dealing with it. Greenshield Pest Control installs what is called a trapping blitz, to eliminate the current rodent issue. They will also proof entry areas to prevent any further rat issues. We offer a variety of warrantees to ensure that the problem is completely solved.

Call us for more information about our rat removal services. We will be happy to help you solve your rodents problems and ease your worries!


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