A group of baby squirrels, called a scurry, found in a homeowner’s attic. They were retrieved in a humane manner and safely reunited with their mother squirrel!

Squirrel Control in Napanee

Just last week, one of our customesr came face to face with a squirrel in their own living room! The squirrel had gotten in through the chimney, went into the living room, and climb back into the chimney to hide. It got stuck and could not climb back out.

Chris, one of our Wildlife Technicians, went to the house. He put on the necessary PPE and humanely removed the squirrel from the fireplace. He made sure that the animal had no injuries, and humanely released the squirrel outside.

After, he capped the chimney so that no new animals could enter again. The customer would not be seeing anymore squirrels in their living room!

Squirrels During the Spring

Squirrels are active most of the year. During the spring season, they are breeding so they will be busy making nests and finding food for their young. They commonly end up inside peoples homes, in attics and chimneys. They can use these spaces as nesting areas, especially in attics where there is good insulation material to make nests.

If you have a squirrel in your home, you will probably be hearing the scurrying sounds as they climb in and out as they please. They will also cause damage to building materials as the enter, for example chewing through chimney caps, roof vents, and wooden beams.

Seeking Professional Help 

If you are having a squirrel problem, contact Greenshield Pest Control. A wildlife technician will visit your home and provide you with an inspection, assessment and treatment. Our technicians deal with every animal in a humane and safe manner. We offer a variety of warantees to ensure that the problem is completely taken care of.

Call us today at 613-389-3999  if you would like to speak with one of our staff about how we can help you deal with your squirrel problems.


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