Skunk Breeding Season

Skunks normally mate in late winter, from February to March.  The average gestation period is 60 days. A litter of baby skunks is called a “kit”. Litters, or kits, range from three to as many as ten young. Female skunks will usually give birth around April or May.

Because skunks are ground dwellers, they like to burrow holes to make their dens. They will burrow dens underneath properties, such as under sheds, decks, and porches. They are able to chew and burrow through wood and siding to gain access.

Common areas where skunks will burrow:

  • Underneath sheds
  • Underneath decks
  • Underneath porches

The best way to keep skunks from getting into your property is to prevent them from gaining access in the first place. Prevention is key! Check keys areas around your property for damages and open areas that would allow access. Make sure to repair and maintain these areas.

Treatment for a skunk that burrowed underneath a porch, one of the common point of entry for a skunk.

A hole burrowed by a skunk underneath a shed, one of the common entry points for skunks.

When to Call the Professionals

If you suspect that you have a skunk problem on your property, it is best to call a professional to deal with it. Apart from the obvious risk of getting sprayed, skunks can also carry disease such as rabies, and they can also carry parasites that can spread to your domestic animals.

Our wildlife technicians have the proper training to safely and humanely deal with skunks. They will perform a proper assessment, removal and prevention treatment. We offer a variety of warrantees to ensure the problem is completely solved. Call us today at 613-389-3999 if you need help with a skunk problem, or with any other pest or wildlife problem.



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