Mouse Control Brighton

Mar 15, 2018 | Rodents |

Mouse removal is a service that we have been providing in Brighton for over 30 years. We are a family owned, local service in Southeastern Ontario, including Brighton.

If you require mouse removal services, we have a team of wildlife technicians that have dealt with the little critters for many years. We know where mice like to hide, how they enter properties, and how to properly remove them. Because mice are active year round, and because they breed in abundance throughout the year. Mice are a common pest that infest any areas, from residential to commercial properties. Our technician will visit your property and complete an inspection of the common entry points in and around the property where the mice are getting in. They will provide proofing to block the mice from getting in. This requires very meticulous work and inspection, because mice can fit in through the tiniest holes, as small as a quarter. They will also install what is called a trapping blitz in the area where they are abundant.

We offer different warranties to ensure that you are satisfied with the service and that your property is completely mouse free. If you require mouse removal services in Brighton, or any of the surrounding areas, please call Greenshield Pest Control today at 613-966-6665.