Mouse Removal Trenton

Mar 15, 2018 | Rodents |

Greenshield Pest Control is a family owned, local service that has been providing service for over 30 years. We have helped many deal with different types of pests, such as mouse removal, across Southeastern Ontario, including Trenton.

Mice are a common pest that is dealt with by all, especially homeowners and businesses; therefore, mouse removal is commonly needed. They are active all year, and they reproduce often and very quickly. Mice are able to infiltrate almost any space, as long as they can find access. This is pretty easy for them because they can fit through a hole as small as the size of a quarter. Different areas where mice commonly infest are in attics, wall cavities, garages, crawl spaces, storage areas, and even pantries and cabinets. If they can find a hole to fit through, they will go looking for food and shelter. Our wildlife technician has the skill to determine where the mice are getting in, and to properly remove them.

We offer a variety of warranties, to give you the best quality service for your money and make sure that your problem is solved. If you require mouse removal in Trenton, or any of the surrounding areas, please call us today at 613-966-6665.