Raccoon Removal Picton

Mar 16, 2018 | Raccoons |

Raccoons on your property in the Picton area? Give us a call at 613-966-6665, for a humane and safe extraction for this critter!

If you hear thumping in your attic or around your deck it may be a raccoon! If you are in Picton, Ontario, you aren’t the first. They do look cute but could carry rabies or diseases, so we recommend seeking professional help.

Our technicians have the experience and expertise to handle any raccoon situation. They tend to inspect first where the raccoon’s entry point is, so they can evaluate . One thing to note is that they typically are found under the deck and more preferably for the animal is the attic due to the warmth. If it’s in the attic, some indicators would be:

· A hole in the intersection of the roof
· The soffit is damaged
· Chimney caps are ripped off
· Roof venting is chewed through

We have dealt with many raccoons in Picton, Ontario. Greenshield Pest Control has handled this pest for over 30 years and are ready to help your situation anywhere you may be. If the raccoon gets up in the attic let us know right away to prevent any damages it may cause.

We also have warranties to make sure that the pests are officially extracted from your property and that they don’t come back. If you need raccoon removal in Picton, Ontario, don’t wait! Call us today at 613-966-6665.