Brown Recluse Spider Belleville

Mar 21, 2018 | Spiders |

We have been providing services across Southeastern Ontario, including Belleville, for over 30 years. We are a family owned, local service. We provide pest control treatment for many different pests, including the brown recluse spider.

We have the proper skill and training to deal with your brown recluse spider problem. Like most spiders, they are mostly found to be a problem during the spring and summer months. These spiders specifically like to nest in areas where they will not be disturbed or found, such as any secluded areas. They can be found outside of homes, such as around or underneath decks, as well as inside sheds. They can also be found inside your home, such as underneath or behind furniture or appliances, or dark secluded nooks along walls. If you have a problem with these pests, we have our spider protection program to help. This consists of different treatment options, which includes exterior and interior spray treatments.

We also offer warranties to ensure that you are happy with the treatment that has been completed. If you have a brown recluse spider problem in Belleville, or any of the surrounding areas, please call Greenshield Pest Control today at 613-389-3999.