Baby squirrels are born around March to April, and again around July to August.

Squirrel Control in Brighton

One of our clients was hearing scuffling and scratching noises coming from their attic. It was keeping them up at night and causing unwanted anxiety! Our wildlife control technician, Jay, went over to inspect. He went up into the attic, and sure enough there was a family of squirrels living there. The baby squirrels were removed and placed in a baby box, which would allow the mother to retrieve and relocate them. A one way door was installed for exit of the mother squirrel. After treatment, the homeowner was finally able to sleep soundly again! Thanks Jay for a job well done.

Squirrels have strong teeth that can chew through wood. Here is damage caused by a squirrel to access an attic.

One-way door installed to allow exit of the squirrel from the home.


Squirrel Breeding Season

Like most wildlife, spring time is baby season for squirrels. For squirrels, a litter of babies is called a “kit”. A kit of baby squirrels usually consists of three to four pups. They will usually give birth twice a year, once in early spring around March to April, and another time in the summer around July to August. Mother squirrels can invade into your home, especially in the attic or even the chimney, where they can make a warm nest and give birth to their pups. This also allows them free access to come and go as they please, gathering supplies and food. Because they have strong teeth that can chew, they can access your home by chewing away wood, soffit and fascia.

When to Call the Professionals

If you suspect that you have squirrels or any other type of animal living in your attic or chimney, it is best to call the professionals. Our wildlife technician will visit your home and complete a proper assessment, removal and restoration. You can rest assured that with Greenshield Pest Control on the job, your squirrel problems will be gone! We also offer a variety of warrantees to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services provided. Give us a call today at 613-389-3999 if you need help with a squirrel problem.


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