Mouse Control in Belleville

One of our clients was dealing with mice in their home. They were enjoying a nice relaxing evening watching tv, when they spotted a mouse run across the living room floor! This was not the first occasion they encountered a mouse. They decided enough was enough. Our wildlife technician visited the home and completed an inspection. They suggested proofing around the exterior of the home and setting up a trapping blitz to eliminate the mice. After a couple of weeks, the homeowner was not seeing mice anymore and could finally relax!

Mouse Breed in Abundance

Mice are one of the most common and abundant pests that we deal with on a daily basis, because they breed and give birth year-round. Unlike other wildlife, they do not have just a single time when they give birth such as in the spring. House mice reproduce at astounding rates, giving birth to up to ten litters per year. Each litter can consist of 3 to 14 baby mice. So, you can imagine how quickly mice can multiply and infest your home. A single mouse can multiply into hundreds in just one year!

It is important to use preventative maintenance to keep them from coming into your home in the first place. Mice can fit through tiny holes the size of a quarter. You should look around and inside your home for any openings, cracks or damages in materials where they can fit through. Make sure to seal these areas to prevent them from entering. This is the single and best way to prevent mice infestations.

One of the entry points of mice into your home is around service lines that enter your home.

Other entry points for mice is underneath and between siding, doors, and cracks in foundation


When to Call the Professionals

However, sometimes the mice problem can become too large for you to deal with on your own. When this is the case, our skilled wildlife technicians can help you find a solution. We will visit your home and complete an assessment, removal and restoration. Our technicians have the expertise to know where to look for all of the small points of entry that you might not find on your own, and will set up a proper trapping blitz to eliminate the mice.

We also offer a variety of warranties to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services provided. If you have a mouse problem, call Greenshield Pest Control today at 613-389-3999 or toll free at 1-877-838-7278.


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