Skunk Control in Belleville

One of our clients in Belleville had a smelly pest problem. They had skunks living underneath their home! Our wildlife technician visited the home, and sure enough he found a family of skunks underneath the house. He removed the babies and in a safe and humane manner, placed them in a heated baby box. He then completed the proper proofing and one-way door to allow the skunk to exit. The mother would be able to retrieve the babies and relocate them to another safe area. The homeowner was relieved to not have skunks living underneath the home anymore. Thankfully nobody got sprayed in the process!

The first step in skunk control is digging a large trench around the area of invasion.

The next step in skunk control is installing proofing and a one-way door.


Skunk Breeding Season

Like most other wildlife, spring is baby season for skunks. Female skunks will usually give birth to babies in April or May. A litter of baby skunks, called a “kit”, can consist of anywhere between two to ten babies, or “pups”. Female skunks will look for warm places to create their nests, where they can give birth to their babies in the spring and keep them safe. Since they are ground dwellers, they will burrow underneath home structures such as under sheds, decks, porches or even under the main home building.

While creating their dens underneath your property, skunks will create damages that can be costly to repair. They can chew and burrow through wood, as well as siding or other building materials. This can also open up spaces to allow access to other types of wildlife. They can dig up and ruin landscaping in the process

When to Call the Professionals

If you suspect that you have skunks, or any other type of animal living underneath your home, it is best to let the professionals deal with it. Our wildlife technician has the proper training and tools to remove skunks in a safe and humane manner. They will complete a full assessment, removal and restoration of the area where the skunks have invaded. We offer a variety of warrantees to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the work that has been completed. If you have a skunk problem, please call us today at 613-389-3999 to take the steps to be skunk free.


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