Local Service, Family Owned

Local Service, Family Owned


Colour: Reddish-brown
Size: 12 mm to 19 mm

Most common in the warm summer months, earwigs can be an unnerving pest to some because of the pincers protruding from their abdomen. They live primarily outdoors, but have been known to enter buildings for food and shelter. Before an earwig infestation becomes uncontrollable, it is important to have a plan.

Earwig Habitat

Earwigs usually live in damp, shady places such as under leaves or in fallen trees. Earwigs can also be found in your home, mostly in basements or bathrooms, where there are damp and shady places.

Earwig Life Cycle

After mating in the late summer or early fall, females lay 30 to 55 eggs, which they gather and store in a shallow hole. Depending on the temperature, the eggs hatch within 20 to 70 days. Newly emerging earwigs are called nymphs and undergo four nymph instars of development. Developing earwigs reach adulthood in August or September, when they become sexually mature and begin to mate.

Earwig Prevention

Make sure that anything that is stored outside is thoroughly checked before bringing it in. This includes recycling such as newspapers, potted plants, boxes, books, and laundry. Make sure that any cracks and crevices around windows and doors are sealed. Check vent covers are in place. Also, be sure to use dehumidifiers, vents, or fans in high-moisture areas like basements and bathrooms.

Earwig Service Prep Guide

There are many things that should be done to prepare for an earwig treatment. For the full list of ways to make your earwig treatment successful, view our Earwig Service Preparation Guide.

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