Local Service, Family Owned

Local Service, Family Owned


Colour: Grey with markings of various colours
Size: 32 cm
Wingspan: 65 cm

Present throughout the year, pigeons can become very troublesome as they roost on buildings overhead and deface the sides and windows of buildings as well as the sidewalk and vehicles with highly corrosive and potentially disease carrying droppings. At Greenshield, we can help you establish a plan for removal, decontamination, and protection from future infestations.

Pigeon Habitat

The rock pigeon is found in a variety of habitats including rocky cliffs, farmland, parks, gardens, cities, and suburbs. Humans have trained rock pigeons as homing pigeons. Homing pigeons can find their way home from long distances. Rock pigeons that are not trained usually don’t wander far from their territory!

Pigeon Life Cycle

The female pigeon lays 2 eggs in a nest lined with sticks, leaves, stems, roots, and debris. In the wild, the nest is built on a cliff. In cities and towns, the nest is placed on window ledges, on roofs, in traffic lights, and under bridges.

The male builds the nest. Both the male and the female incubate the eggs for 19 days. Both parents feed the chicks or squabs “pigeon milk. The chicks fledge when they are 25-26 days old. The female may have as many as 5 broods a year. Male and female rock pigeons may mate for more than one season and often use the same nest for many years.

Pigeon Prevention

Make sure food is not available. Avoid feeding pest or birds outdoors. Pigeons require a lot of water, remove and vessels that contain standing untreated water. Clear rainwater from your deck or patio. Keep an eye out for potential nests being built and remove them immediately. Keep garbage secure in bins to avoid scavenging pigeons.

Pigeon Service Prep Guide

There are many things that should be done to prepare for a pigeon treatment. For the full list of ways to make your pigeon treatment successful, view our Pigeon Service Preparation Guide.

Pest ID

Do you have a pigeon problem in your home or business? Let us ID it for you!

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