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Local Service, Family Owned


Colour: Black and white
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The distinctive skunk with its black body and white stripe is unmistakable. It can cause much damage to your lawn as it scavenges for grubs and is fiercely protective, spraying threats with its foul oil-based spray at a great distance. It is best to let a professional take care of a skunk so you and your domestic animals are not sprayed.

Skunk Habitat

The skunk prefers open areas of mixed forests and grasslands and usually lives in the abandoned dens of other animals, such as woodchucks and foxes. They also live under porches and in cellars, stumps, rock piles and refuse heaps and very rarely dig their own dens.

Skunk Life Cycle

Skunks typically mate in early spring and are a polygynous species, meaning that males usually mate with more than one female. Before giving birth, the female will excavate a den to house her litter. The gestation period typically is from two to three months. There are from two to 10 young born per year in a single litter. When born, skunk kits are altricial, being blind, deaf, and covered in a soft layer of fur. After one week, they can begin to use their stink glands in defense, but until that time rely on the mother (W. About three weeks after birth, their eyes open. The kits are weaned about two months after birth, and begin foraging on their own, but generally stay with their mother until they are ready to mate, at about one year of age.

Skunk Prevention

Keep pet food indoors and secure garbage cans. If possible, store your trash bins indoors at night, so their smell doesn’t attract skunks. Remove fruit that has fallen from your trees, especially those that produce nuts, berries, crab-apples, or other fruits. Remove brush piles; use gravel, fencing, or plywood to seal all holes and entrance points to locations that a skunk may find suitable for a home – like under an elevated house, a porch, sheds, decks, and foundations.

Skunk Service Prep Guide

There are many things that should be done to prepare for a skunk treatment. For the full list of ways to make your skunk treatment successful, view our Skunk Preparation Guide.

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