Greenshield Guard Plus + Plan

Your home or cottage offer shelter, breeding grounds, and ample food supplies for pests. If not contained properly, an infestation can quickly overwhelm your property. The infestation can contaminate food as well as cause significant damage to the structure or exterior of your home.

Greensheild’s Guard Plus + Plan stacks our signature guard plan plus adds our wildlife and bird control services. Our technicians have experience with every pest that can invade your property, whether it’s your home or cottage and we employ the most sophisticated technology to ensure a safe and humane process.

The primary pests that this plan deals with are:

• Insects
• Carpenter Ants
• Fleas
• Wasps
• Bedbugs
• Wildlife
• Bats
• Birds

When Greenshield addresses any pest infestation, we start with our three step process; assess, plan, implement.
Step 1: Assess – We need to understand the current conditions for the infestation. We look at:
• points of entry
• exterior environmental conditions
• interior environmental conditions
• other points of retreat for an infestation
• conditions that may cause an infestation
Step 2: Plan – We will look at all the conditions of an infestation and formulate a plan that will suit your situation and budget.
Step 3: Implement and monitor – Once we deal with an infestation we need to determine if it needs further monitoring and work. Sometimes you can achieve your goals in your first attempt, while others require exclusion services to ensure the pests are unable to return to their previous locations.
Greenshield guard plans aren’t about current infestations however, but making sure they never occur. We work with you to ensure you have a proactive plan to keep your property pest free.


During the spring you are often starting to open your windows to air out the musty smells built during the winter. You need to be aware of the potential risks they may cause. Our technicians will fully discuss the guard plan with you so you can maximize the chance of success.
During the spring we will do the following:
• Apply treatment options to all entry points including windows, doorways, sewage pipes, walls, roof vents, soffits, and fascia.
• Add any one way traps necessary to remove any wildlife affecting your property.
• Remove any contamination or fecal matter from attics.
• Remove any swallows nests from walls.
• Remove all foodstuffs that may invite pests into the home.
• Treat the exterior of the property to ensure no pests can burrow through the ground at the foundation of your home or cottage.
• Place bait for ants and other pests at strategic points inside and outside the property.
• Treat any previously discovered harbourage locations where pests may use for breeding grounds or food sources.


As many pests typically live outside the home during the summer, our focus is less on the home itself and more on the exterior of the property. This is an active time for bats as they hunt for insects in the woods.
During the summer we will:
• Relocate all bird feeders far away from the home.
• Monitor all entrances to attics or garages.
• Establish deterrents such as wasp hives.
• Remove any hives or nests near the home or cottage.
• Establish a treatment protocol to sites to minimize insect reproduction.
• Apply specific baits to the exterior of the property to ensure no population is close to your home


As the pest population starts to cool, they will begin looking for shelter. The focus during this period should be on keeping the house or cottage sealed so no pests are allowed to enter. Geese will often invade a cottage, especially those along the St. Lawrence River as the seaway offers some respite during the winter for birds that do not migrate.
During this time, our technicians will:
• Establish any one way traps for wildlife.
• Remove or seal all garbage bins.
• Relocate any geese that may be inclined to remain overwinter.
• Review all points of entry, sealing any that may offer entrance.
• Apply treatments to potential entrance points.
• Treat any exterior breeding grounds.
• Treat ground along exterior of the home or cottage.


During the winter many pests go dormant, however you must still remain vigilant as warmth within your home may offer overwinter temperatures for pests to remain active. While the focus of the plan is for those pests that become inactive, some pests such as flies may have localized populations flare-ups that much be eradicated. The winter is also a time when pests such as raccoons will tear through your attic entrances. There is often nothing you can do to stop them and they must be physically removed. They will often have young that need to be relocated as well.
During the winter, we will:
• Relocate all wildlife that do enter the property. (move to a safe distance so they don’t return)
• Seal any interior facing entry points that pests may have used to gain access to the home.
• Treat any exit points to proactively attack pests as they leave the home in the spring.
• Treat attic spaces for any breeding our harbourage points.
• Place ant and cockroach bait traps a strategic points such as sinks and laundry rooms.

Greenshield Pest Control is a family business that has been providing exceptional pest control services for more than 30 years.
We only employ licensed technicians and offer 24-7 emergency service!

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