Greenshield Island Plan

Waterfront island properties have significant pest pressures. Once on, many pests don’t have a means to leave the island and your property offers warmth and shelter. We have the experience and equipment to ensure you have enjoyable island living without the discomfort of pests at your cottage or island property. We provide safe and effective solutions so you can enjoy island living.

When you take advantage of our Island Program you get the following:


  • Community Members – Proud members of the 1000 islands association.
  • Prompt service – Service to the 1000 islands with our “PEST CONTROL BOAT.”
  • Hassle-free service – We come “right to your island.” You don’t have to pickup our technician or equipment.
  • Proven service – Our services are safe and effective for waterfront island properties.
  • On your schedule – Pre-scheduled services at a time convenient for your island activities.
  • We provide preventative treatments spring, summer, and fall for any island pest such as: mice, carpenter ants, woodroaches, spiders, wildlife pests, bats, birds, and others.

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Greenshield Pest Control is a family business that has been providing exceptional pest control services for more than 30 years.
We only employ licensed technicians and offer 24-7 emergency service!

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