Greenshield Mosquito and Tick Plan

Though small, mosquitoes and Ticks can have long standing consequences for you, your family, and your household pets. Mosquitoes and ticks are known to harbour many diseases such as West Nile and Zeeka Virus and ticks can carry Lyme Disease. All of these diseases can have significant effects on humans, causing severe heath concerns later in life when little can be done.

Give the nature of both of these pests, Greenshield has established the mosquito and tick plan to work as fast and efficiently as possible. Our technicians have experience with every spider pest that can invade your property, whether it’s your home or cottage and We employ the most sophisticated technology to ensure a safe and humane process. We also have organic chemical sprays to reduce the risk of poison to you and your family.
When Greenshield addresses any pest infestation, we start with our three step process; assess, plan, implement.
Step 1: Assess – We need to understand the current conditions for the infestation. We look at:
• points of entry
• exterior environmental conditions (sources of water)
• interior environmental conditions
• other points of retreat for an infestation
• conditions that may cause an infestation
Step 2: Plan – We will look at all the conditions of an infestation and formulate a plan that will suit your situation and budget.
Step 3: Implement and monitor – Once we deal with an infestation we need to determine if it needs further monitoring and work. Sometimes you can achieve your goals in your first attempt, while others require exclusion services to ensure the pests are unable to return to their previous locations.
Though typically Greenshield guard plans aren’t about current infestations, both mosquitoes and ticks are an immediate and ongoing threat. We work with you to ensure you have a proactive plan to keep your property pest free.
Household pets have a tendency to wander further in the spring as temperatures begin to rise. It is advisable to periodically check your pet for signs of ticks and if you find yourself walking in tall grasses, thoroughly examine your person to ensure there is no cause for alarm. Though more prevalent in the summer, mosquitoes become active above 10 degrees Celsius.
During the spring we will do the following:

• Establish mosquito traps to disrupt breeding.
• Remove any standing water that acts as a breeding ground.
• Quickly remove all ticks located on pets and humans. (consult a doctor immediately.)
As the temperatures begin to rise mosquitoes will breed fast. A mosquito can mature in a week and a population will explode under the proper circumstances.
During the summer we will:
• Remove long grasses near the home.
• Move mosquito traps to ensure protection to your family as you remain outdoors longer.
• Employ other mosquito deterrents.
• Use mosquito nets around decks and pergolas.
• Treat any standing water that can’t be removed with bacteria that is a toxin to larvae.
• Release dragonflies as countermeasures.
Though mosquitoes will often subside as the temperatures begin to dwindle, there are often resurgences and with their extremely fast growth cycle, caution is suggested.
During this time, our technicians will:
• Remove all standing water.
• Move mosquito traps to more appropriate staging grounds.

Mosquitoes will go dormant through winter as temperatures go lower than 10 Celsius. Most Ticks are the same though some remain active as long as the temperature doesn’t go below 0.

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