One Time Treatment Program

Pests can gain access to your home or cottage from many points of entry. Many of these pests come for the warm, moist environments that your home offers. These pests are active at different times of year and seemingly spring up from nowhere. The can cause significant damage to a home’s structure, aesthetics, and can contaminate an area or supplies of foodstuffs.

When you call us for a one-time treatment, we spring into action.

Our process will include:


  • Inspection: On site inspection of the pest including a detailed list of your observations
  • Positive I.D.: Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can proceed.
  • Plan formulation: We only proceed when you are comfortable with the process. This process is documented so you can review at a later date.
  • Treatment: Once you sign off on the treatment option, we will proceed to remove the pests from your home. A treatment will be applied to eliminate the specific pest that is a problem for you.
  • Review and guarantee: You get a 100 day 100 percent guarantee that our service worked and we won’t leave until you understand this guarantee. We will review actions we took to remove the pest from your home and discuss any other options of your choice.

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