Rodent Guard Plan

Rodents enter your home from many points of entry and are active throughout the year. While, they can chew through the walls, they typically enter through holes in the walls, gaps in windows, through drains such as the kitchen sink or bathtub and through the front door. It is more typical to see mice, though there are times that rats will find their way into your home. They often come for the warmth and food that your house offers. They can proliferate quickly and a population will seemingly spring up from nowhere. They can cause significant damage to your home’s structure, aesthetics, and can contaminate your food.

Greenshield’s technicians have experience with every pest that can invade your property, whether it’s your home or cottage and we employ the most sophisticated technology to ensure a safe and humane process.
When you protect your home with the Rodent Guard Plan, you’re not only putting the lock on the front door, but every possible entrance to your home. A Greenshield technician will immediately start working on protecting your home with a three step process; assess, plan, implement.
Step 1: Assess – We need to understand the current conditions to determine if there is infestation or not. We look at:
• points of entry
• exterior environmental conditions
• interior environmental conditions
• other possible points of retreat for an infestation
• conditions that may cause an infestation
Step 2: Plan – We will look at all the conditions of an infestation and formulate a plan that will suit your situation and budget.
Step 3: Implement and monitor – If you have an infestation we will first remove it by means of mechanical and other forms of traps.
Then the true power of the Rodent Guard Plan comes into action.
Greenshield looks at the entire situation, taking care to identify elements that may lead to an infestation. We work with you to ensure you have a proactive plan to keep your house pest free.
During the spring you are often starting to open your windows to air out the musty smells built during the winter. You need to be aware of the potential risks they may cause. Our technicians will fully discuss the Rodent Plan with you so you can maximize the chance of success.
During the spring we will do the following:
• Apply treatment options to all entry points including windows, doorways, sewage pipes, walls, roof vents, soffits, and fascia.
• Add any one way traps necessary to remove any wildlife affecting your property.
• Remove any contamination or fecal matter from attics.
• Remove all foodstuffs that may invite pests into the home.
• Treat the exterior of the property to ensure no pests can burrow through the ground at the foundation of your home or cottage.
As many rodents typically live outside the home during the summer, our focus is less on the home itself and more on the exterior of the property.
During the summer we will:
• Relocate all bird feeders far away from the home and seal all potential food.
• Monitor all entrances to attics or garages.
• Establish a treatment protocol to sites to minimize reproduction.
As temperatures reduce, rodents will begin to look for shelter for the winter. Any foodstuffs lying around is a perfect invitation for the pests to invade your home and they can move in through holes the size of small coins. The focus during this period should be on keeping the house or cottage sealed so no rodent is allowed to enter.
During this time, our technicians will:
• Establish any one way traps for larger rodents and traps for smaller ones.
• Remove or seal all garbage bins.
• Review all points of entry, sealing any that may offer entrance.
Rodents do not go dormant through the winter and as such can become a danger to your home or cottage, especially if the cottage wasn’t sealed up properly during the summer.
During the winter, we will:
• Relocate all rodents that do enter the property. (move to a safe distance so they don’t return)
• Seal any interior facing entry points that pests may have used to gain access to the home.
• Trap and remove all small rodents.

Some of the elements that we use to make sure your house is free of mice or rats are as follows:
• Damage Repair: Often, rodents cause damage that requires repair or replacement – Greenshield can help. All technicians have the training and expertise to make necessary repairs to your home.
• Decontamination: Rodents leave more than just damage behind. They also leave droppings which can be harmful to your health. We can remove contaminated insulation, droppings, urine debris and parasites.
• Re-insulation: Rodents living in your attic can cause damage to your insulation and affect the efficiency of your home. We will remove and disinfect damaged or soiled insulation and replace insulation to Building Code R-value Standards ensuring a high energy efficiency levels.
• Odour Control: Rodents can leave your property with unwanted odours. We use deodorizes and air purifiers to remove any odor left in your home so they aren’t invited back.
• Secondary Points of Entry: Your Greenshield Technician is trained to see the holes that rats and mice use to enter your home. We will take the time to fill these entrances so not only will the rodents not be able to enter, but it will look natural as well.
• Keep the Doors Shut: Keeping all doors and windows securely tight, especially during certain times of the year will help. There is no use in sealing all the back doors, if the front is left wide open. Your Greenshield Technician will help you establish a protocol so this is top of mind.
• Seal the House Up Tight: Your Greenshield Technician will also show you what foods you need to keep sealed so they don’t invite rodents back into your home.
• Exclusion: Greenshield Technicians are versed in the latest technology and can show you which products work such as ultrasonic devices designed to repel mice and which ones are ineffective.

Greenshield Pest Control is a family business that has been providing exceptional pest control services for more than 30 years.
We only employ licensed technicians and offer 24-7 emergency service!

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