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Birds can be a nuisance for businesses. Not only do birds pose a risk to your property with acidic droppings and blocked ventilation systems, many carry diseases that can have a lasting effect on your employees, clients, the public, and any animals that come into contact with your property. Additionally, a bird’s nest is flammable and if built under certain circumstances, such as in electric signs, there is a severe risk of fire.

Some birds are extremely mobile and can become trapped inside buildings while others establish their nests on the outside walls. It is important to note that many birds are beneficial to the environment, while others are legally protected by various levels of government, even if they have become a nuisance to a business owner. You want to ensure you address a bird infestation in a humane manner.
Greenshield’s bird control program recognizes that although each bird is different, methods of control are similar for most. Our program employs a three step process.

Inspection and Assessment

Every bird problem is unique. To address your problem, a walk through of your property is required. During the inspection an assessment will be made to identify what types of control methods and deterrents best suit your needs.

Plan formation

Once we understand the severity of your bird problem, we will identify a number of options that fit both your needs and budget. The options presented during this step may include:

  • Pigeon Live Trapping – We can trap and relocate a large flight of pigeons. Click here for a more detailed explanation.
  • The Installation of Deterrents – The list ranges in complexity and mechanically. Click here for a detailed explanation.
  • Goose Control – Maintaining a goose-free property is very important for many businesses such as country clubs and airports. Click here for a detailed explanation of our goose control measures.
  • Site Cleanup and Dropping Removal – Excluding various birds from your property doesn’t correct the damage they have caused. Greenshield has the technology and expertise to properly clean up the site. Click here for more information.


Eliminate and Control

Once a plan is established, Greenshield will implement to control the bird nuisance. Although our primary concern is removing the nuisance from your property, we do so with proper care for the birds themselves. All services come with our guarantee to ensure positive results.

Types of bird control solutions we offer:







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